About Us

Who we are

Liquidus is an investment research firm that aims to provide comprehensive, easy-to-implement alternative investment strategies for retail investors. Our goal is not just to give you a theoretical financial analysis on which you can base decisions, but to provide you with a complete investable framework.

A good investment process requires you to consistently find answers to WHAT, WHY, WHEN, and HOW. Whereas most financial research firms focus only on WHAT and WHY we strive to provide full-fledged, complete analysis in the form of strategies and processes that can be easily replicated by our clients. We believe that the value lies not in the analysis, but in the results it produces. We are currently working on a dynamic version of Chris Cole’s Dragon Portfolio, allowing any retail investor to replicate a professionally managed, diversified portfolio.
Liquidus from Latin means liquid, fluid, flowing, clear, transparent, and limpid, all of these words neatly describe our way of approaching the market. We all operate in a complex, ever-changing system which we call the market. Many try to shoehorn it into comfortable theories, apply a deadened structure of thought, and put it into a context for our brains to understand, and furthermore make decisions based on that understanding.

We all do that, but our process allows us to be flexible and adapt to an ever-changing environment. We not trying to say how things should be, but rather observe how they already are and find a path of least resistance. Hence the fluidity and adaptability. In the market, the path of least resistance is usually the path that causes the most amount of pain to its participants. All our models and strategies are developed with this understanding in mind.