How do I implement the strategy?

Take the desired amount you want to allocate, and observe the signal. Buy when the signal turns positive and sell when it turns negative. We do not rebalance back to our original size, our goal is to compound the investment over time. You can certainly consider rebalancing. 

When does the signal usually change? 

We post the update usually at the end of a trading day in Europe. 9-12 pm Europian time. 4-8 pm American time. There are no set days when the signal might change, and the frequency is minimal. A total of 14 signals over the last 6 years, one signal every other 2 – 5 months. 

What if I missed a signal by a few days, is it still worth putting on a position? 

Because of the high volatility of the instrument we work with, it is in your best interest to try to enter the position on the same day it is indicated by the signal. If missed by a day or so the end result may differ substantially. In our business, it’s called “Tracking error”. A good example is the last negative signal that was generated on November 8. Then we recorded only -7%, but if we were only 1 day late, the result would’ve been  -21%.

How do I contact you?

There is a contact form at the bottom of the site. 

What amount of money should I dedicate to this strategy?

Everybody has their own personal goal and risk tolerance, so we cannot speak for everyone. But in general, every position we take on is volatility-adjusted. This means the maximum size is derived by 265 days of realized volatility. In the case of Bitcoin, it is 7% of our total capital.